The Millionaire Next Door: Part Two




There is an official-sounding name for what we do at the Gallery. We sell  “aspirational vehicles,” cars people “aspire” to. In other words, cars people want, and have wanted and dreamed of, sometimes for many years.

I can’t imagine any young man aspiring to the time when he might grow up and have his own Camry. Or own his own Taurus.

But many are the young men (and women) who dreamed of the day when they might have their own Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, or BMW.

Why would anyone pay half a year’s salary to buy the fastest depreciating asset on the planet?” is the question asked by authors Stanley and Danko in their book The Millionaire Next Door.

Most new luxury cars are leased, so in 12, 24 or 36 months, these cars will come back off lease and be available for a price around 1/3 to ½ off new. This makes a possible savings of $20,000 or more.

Many people who lease new luxury cars own multiple homes they fly between, thus leaving two, three, or even more cars at homes around the country, not putting a lot of miles on any of them.

Q. Where do I find these cars?

A. You can go to a dealer for that brand and buy lease returns from them. These are, however, high-end stores with high-end margins. This problem has been made worse over the years by naming the cars “certified.”  Note: Buying “Certified” means paying the dealer extra for doing the service work he should have done anyway.

Q. How do I know these cars aren’t wrecked, lemon law buyback, stolen, etc?

A.  Online services such as Carfax and Autocheck are available online for a fee.

Q.  Where do you find a selection of different brands?

A. You don’t. Until now.

Melton Sales is now launching its pre-owned Gallery, stocking over 100 aspirational (Cars People Want) vehicles. This is, we believe, the broadest selection of 2012-2013 luxury vehicles in Oklahoma.

Q. What about condition?

A. All cars are “as new” and free Carfax reports are available

Q.  What about pricing?

A.  A car is a car to us. We’ll sell High Line cars for the same margin we do on Dodges and we sell a whole lot of Dodges.

Q.  What about warranty?

A. Gallery cars are covered by full factory warranty (Also, you’re buying from one of the oldest and most reputable dealers in the state.)

Q. How do I shop for these cars?

A. All cars are online with complete descriptions and pictures as well as our easy “No Haggle” Price. Push the button to “chat with us” or print a free Carfax.

Or come to our lot.  Any time, day or night, 7 days a week, our lots are unlocked, cars are open, and prices marked. If you come when we’re open, we won’t follow you around if you are “just looking,” and you are welcome to drive as many cars as you want (by yourself. We don’t ride with you. Sorry.).

Q. Where does Robby Melton find all these cars?

A. Sorry, if he told ya, he’d have to kill ya.

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