Claremore Driveway – 2013 CADILLAC ATS

Cadillac Melton Gallery

When I was growing up in the fifties and sixties, to call anything the “Cadillac” meant the best.  Somehow that got lost in a haze of bad diesel engines, fake wire wheels grandpa styling, and awful padded tops.

But when I saw the 2013 ATS was suddenly North American Car of the Year I thought it was time to take another look. Wow. I knew Bob Lutz (cut  his teeth at BMW) was working on turning Cadillac around but I was surprised to find something like this.

This puppy is fast. Really fast. And it gets high 30’s mpg to boot. I have a confession. I did something I almost never do. Filled the ATS with gas. That means I’m committed to drive the same car till that 360 miles of gas is gone. Could be as long as a week!  But the seat sits real good and it’s fun.

I drive lots of cars in this neighborhood. C Classes, 3 Series, and S60. This one can hold it’s own and I kinda like the “Made in America” thing.

People don’t know about that car yet so you can buy a $40k sticker car driven a few months for well under 30K. Now that is my neighborhood.

Editor’s note:

My name is Robby and I’m a car nut.  The best thing about my job at Melton Sales is I get to drive a different hot car home every night if I want to.

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