Top Secret Case for your iPhone, Manufactured Here in Claremore!

photo 1I work at Precise Machining, a manufacturing company that produces parts for the aerospace and defense industry.  In March of 2012 I was driving in to work and thought to myself, I work at a manufacturing company that works with metal all day, how cool would it be to have an aluminum case for my iPhone! I went online and searched for “metal iPhone cases” to purchase. When I looked at them, I thought, I can do that! So I got with one of our programmers and showed him one of the cases I found online. We drew it up, altered it to what we liked and ran it on the machine!  After a while, people asked where I bought my case, I was able to tell them “I made it myself”!  Long story short, I started producing them after work and on the weekends to sell to people. I had a few people start asking if I could put a logo or their name on the case.  We went back to the drawing board and made a case with a solid back. We also started anodizing and powder coating the cases. Now, the cases are not only colorful, but we can engrave anything the customer wants on the back! For a while, I was renting time on a laser engraver but then decided to purchase my own laser engraver 2 months ago and now finding all sorts of things to engrave, from phone cases, to aluminum business cards & custom license plates! With my own laser engraver, the ideas are endless on things to personalize and engrave! Let me know if there is anything you would like personalized, even if it is not on aluminum, other materials include wood, glass, leather, plastic, and acrylic!   Contact Luke Miller by phone, text or email: 918-521-0601

Hand Made

  • All iPhone cases sell for $45. This includes design and laser engraving of logo on iPhone case.
  • License plates are usually $20
  • Business cards are $75 for 25 aluminum cards



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