A Soldier's Wish List

Claremore’s chapter of the Blue Star Mothers is always working hard to keep our soldiers overseas as content as they can be during their time away. Please see the list below of items that you can donate to help make a soldier’s day! Donations are always welcome. Please keep in mind that the holiday season is nearly upon us, and too many men and women will be spending it away from family this year.

The Rogers County Blue Star Mothers can be reached by phone at 918-343-2675 or via email at rogerscountybluestarmothers@hotmail.com. Mailing address is P.O. Box 14, Claremore, Oklahoma 74018. They are also on facebook here.

The following lists of items are products most often used in BSM Care Packages. They may vary from shipment to shipment based upon the season, holiday, or known need of the individual or where he/she is assigned. Please remember, we cannot send aerosol cans.

  1. Disposable Razors
  2. Shampoo / Conditioner (Small sizes)
  3. Deodorant (Small sizes, no spray cans)
  4. Baby Wipes (Small sizes)
  5. Toilet Paper (Some areas still need this item, other do not)
  6. Feminine Hygiene Products
  7. Tooth Paste (Small sizes)
  8. Mouth Wash (Small sizes)
  9. Dental Floss
  10. Chapstick or Lip Balm
  11. Eyewash
  12. Q-Tips
  13. Small boar hair brushes
  14. Hand Sanitizer
  15. Foot Powder (Small sizes)
  16. Lotion
  17. Shatter-proof sunglasses
  18. Cool Ties/Hand or Foot Warmers
  19. Sunscreen (Lotion or cream – no spray)
  20. Socks – White/Gray
  21. Candy, gum individually wrapped
  22. Beef Jerky
  23. Snack Foods (Small cans – Peanut butter, Vienna Sausage, Fruit, tuna, etc.)
  24. Condiments
  25. Ramen Noodles
  26. Instant Oatmeal
  27. Energy Bars
  28. Snack Bars and crackers
  29. Fruit Roll-Ups
  30. Drink Mixes (Individual sizes, tea bags, dry powder only – no liquids)
  31. AA and AAA batteries
  32. Small games (playing cards, puzzle books, handheld games, small Frisbees, small stuffed animals such as Beannie Babies)
  33. Paperback books (for both male and female)
  34. Mosquito repellant coils
  35. Writing materials
  36. Cards, pictures made by children, letters
  37. Zip lock bags – all sizes
  38. Packaging Tape

Thank you for your support of the Rogers County Blue Star Mothers.

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