Play on, little Players!

Why do we need a playground? Because our kids need it and someday those kids grow up. What will we think about them as adults? Better yet, how will they think about us as people who molded a world for them.

claremore park projectWhen I taught school I saw some of the most humbling experiences that our children face. I call them our children because someday those children will be the ones that will either do great or be lost. Not every kid has that perfect home. There are tons of kids that go hungry, have no new toys or new clothes -and they live all around us. Studies show that playgrounds have a profound affect on youth. ( Kids make friends on playgrounds. (If you are one of my kids, you refer to the new friend of 5 mins as your best friend.)
So I bring it back to why we need a playground. If it is just for a few hours every week or every other week, I want to give that to our kids; to EVERY kid. This is something not just for the rich or the poor or the middle class kids. It is for everyone! I want to hear kids laughing and socializing and enjoying themselves. I have had numerous people tell me stories about what great times they had as a kid in this very park! They would pick pecans and play for hours. There are decades of play history in this park! In the years to come, I want to hear our young adults remember great times they had on a playground that our community got together and built for them. I don’t want to turn to them when they get older and say “I am sorry that I didn’t do SOMETHING.”

The Will Rogers Park Playground can be that something for EVERY kid. ( If I could play a sad weepy song that persuaded you to give of your heart, I would. It works wonders with my kids and the pet adoption commercials. If it were up to them we would adopt every sad animal that Sarah McLachlan sings a song to.)

claremore park projectI would do whatever it takes to get you to see that our kids need us. Let’s not lose them. Let’s care about them! Let’s create a space of happiness for kids; somewhere that smiles just can’t help but beem. Find a way to donate. Pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters and all kinds of folding cash is needed. Buy a lapel $5 lapel pin, a brick, paver or bench. Businesses can leave there mark in the park (how about that rhyme!). We will acknowledge your contributions! All donations go through a non-profit and are tax deductable. Be on the look out for an up and coming penny drive to support the playground! (If you want to help out, that would be super!) Just want to donate!?! AWESOME! Contact me, Crystal Campbell by phone or email,

I won’t even start in about how this playground and overall park will help our community economically! But I will say, we all would benefit by people coming here to play. It’s a win win.

Interested in grants?There will be a grant information/sign-up to help on Oct. 10th from 5:30-7:30 at Cappuccino Corner.
The first phase of the playground will be going up in April 2014. Phase 2 funds are what we are working on. The goal for the second phase is $70,000. Let raise it. Let’s raise a better community- show our kids that they matter. Please share!- CCampbell 918-381-4482 for playground Heroes Memorial Connie Schilling- 918-274-3743 for the Master Gardeners

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